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Public Transport in Brussels

Maxhotel Brussels is located right in the heart of the city. Many of Brussel’s sights are just a short walk away. However, the city also has an easy-to-navigate public transport system which conveniently takes you to any sights outside the city centre. From our hotel, you can reach the metro by foot in just three minutes.

Explore Brussels by metro

There are four main metro lines in Brussels: M1, M2, M5, and M6. The closest metro stops from our hotel are downtown stations Rogier and De Brouckère. Rogier is serviced by metro lines 2 and 6 and De Brouckère by 1 and 2. So you are sure to find a convenient metro connection wherever you are planning to go.

In addition, both stations are serviced by the premetro line 3 which provides quick access to the train stations Brussels North and Brussels South (Bruxelles-Midi). The premetro is a tram that runs underground, using the tunnels of the metro system.

Navigate Brussels by public transport

In Brussels, you also have access to 18 individual tram (streetcar) lines, further connecting various points in the city outside of the metro lines. Several bus routes complete the public transport system. As Brussels has its own harbour, it also provides a canal transport option called the Waterbus.

You can plan your trip using the website of STIB, the company organizing most of Brussels’ public transport. Tickets can be bought with a contactless credit or debit card. There are single ride and 1-day tickets, as well as tickets that include the ride to or from the airport.

Fast access to Bruxelles-Midi

Maxhotel is just a 15-minute walk from the central train station in Brussels, Bruxelles-Central. But the hotel is also close to Belgium’s biggest train station, Brussels South or Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid in the local languages, which is located just south of the city.

To get to Bruxelles-Midi, you can take metro lines 2 or 6 from the Rogier stop. In just nine stops or seven minutes, they will take you to the metro station Gare du Midi, right by the train station Brussels South / Bruxelles-Midi. You also have the option to take the underground tram line premetro 5, which takes you to Gare du Midi in just five stops or about five minutes.

So whether you arrive to Brussels via the central station or Bruxelles-Midi, Maxhotel is just around the corner.

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